What We Do

The club holds regular meetings, usually monthly, to discuss current political issues and hosts speakers who can provide information on those issues. The club may take positions on issues and promote those positions with elected officials and the community. (Opposition to the Vietnam War, the Invasion of Iraq, and support for Single Payer National Health Insurance are three notable examples.) We also hold forums to introduce those men and women running for office to the community. In any election, primary or general, the members decide on their candidate endorsements and then volunteer their time and effort to help elect those candidates to public office.

Often the most important of these volunteer activities is asking voters to sign petitions to place club-endorsed candidates on the ballot; even incumbents without opposition require signatures to run for office. Traditional campaign activities –distributing literature, promoting candidates, phone banks, and “covering a poll” on election day- complete the process. A strong Democratic club can provide the grassroots outreach that makes it possible for someone to run for office who may lack the resources of a wealthy candidate.

Additional club activities include blood drives, membership drives, voter registration drives, and raising money or goods for charitable causes.